Current Sensing Relays

Macromatic offers a wide variety of AC current sensing relays (sometimes referred to as current monitor relays). They be used in several applications where protection of sensitive or expensive equipment against over or under current conditions is required, such as detecting (sensing) conveyor jam-up conditions, machine tool wear, no load conditions or monitoring status of heater or lamp load. An external current transformer may be used to extend the range of these products (for more information, read our KnowledgeBase Article).

Choose the type of mounting configuration required for your application and then select from a variety of functions, time delay settings & output configurations:

  • Plug-in: OBSOLETE-NO LONGER AVAILABLE. CONTACT MACROMATIC FOR MORE INFORMATION. LEARN MORE. Used with 8 or 11 pin octal sockets. Allows for easy replacement without having to remove any control wiring. Macromatic sockets can either be mounted on 35mm DIN track or to the panel with two screws. All Macromatic plug-in time delay relays are UL Listed for use in both United States and Canada (cULus) when used with the appropriate Macromatic socket as well as Component Recognized (cURus) using any recognized socket. 
  • Encapsulated: These products have an encapsulated construction for protection against harsh environments. They are easy to mount with two screws and use 0.25" quick-connect terminations for easy wiring. All Macromatic encapsulated current sensing relays are UL Component Recognized.

Current Sensing Relay | Current Monitor Relay


Current Sensing Relay | Current Monitor Relay


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Macromatic's Current Sensing Relays Knowledge Base contains general and technical industry articles to help you learn more about Current Sensing Relays.

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