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Alternating Relays Overview

Alternating Relays are used in special applications where the optimization of load usage is required by equalizing the run time of multiple loads. They are also used where additional capacity is required in case of excess load requirements.

Macromatic offers two types of Alternating Relays:

  • Duplex: for controlling two loads--available in three output configurations: SPDT, DPDT and DPDT cross-wired
  • Triplex: standard version operates as normal triplexor to control three loads; an optional version has an 8-position rotary switch to allow either triplex operation for normal control of three loads or duplex operation for two loads with capacity to add a third load in anticipation of future needs
ARP Series Plug-in Duplex Alternating Relays


ATP Series Plug-in Triplex Alternating Relays


For more information on applications for Alternating Relays, please read our KnowledgeBase Article.