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PMP Series

  • Protects against phase loss, phase reversal, phase unbalance, undervoltage, overvoltage & rapid cycling
  • Universal voltage range of 190-500V on PMPU--greater range that covers more global applications (separate 120V & 575V versions available)
  • True RMS voltage measurement ensures accurate sensing across more applications
  • Retains fault indication and continues monitoring all voltages even with a lost phase
  • Ultimate three-phase protection with a variety of user-selectable and adjustable settings
  • Full fault indication on top of unit for easy troubleshooting
  • Manual reset option works with external switch to reset the relay from outside the enclosure
Enclosure Style Plug-in case utilizing industry-standard 8 pin octal sockets
Contact Rating
  • SPDT
  • 10A @ 277V AC / 7A @ 30V DC;
    1HP @ 250V AC, 1/2HP @ 125V AC, C300 Pilot Duty
Approvals       c-ur-us.jpg  CE_Logo.gif  UL-socket.jpg    UL File #E109466
Technical Documentation


When the proper 3-phase line voltage is applied to the unit and the phase sequence (rotation) is correct, the relay is energized after the Restart Delay is completed. Any one of five fault conditions will de-energize the relay after a delay. As standard, re-energization is automatic upon correction of the fault condition. Manual reset is available if an external momentary N.C. switch is connected to pins 6 and 7. A bi-color status LED indicates normal condition and also provides specific fault indication to simplify troubleshooting.

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Universal 190-500V Voltage Range (PMPU)


Variety of User-Adjustable Settings


Full Fault Indication on Top for Easy Troubleshooting

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