Macromatic Offers Money-Saving Replacement for Flygt MiniCAS Relay

Macromatic’s TCF-F Series Over Temperature Seal Leakage Relays are a direct replacement for both the MiniCAS from Xylem-Flygt and the PMR2 from MPE. These relays are designed specifically for monitoring over temperature and seal leakage on submersible pumps using FLS or CLS Leakage Sensors.

Front view of white flat plug

Macromatic’s TCF-F Series replaces Xylem-Flygt MiniCAS (14-407129 and the older 14-407113) and the PMR2 from MPE.

Macromatic’s Advantages:

  • Unit is shorter in length which may allow for a smaller and less expensive enclosure
  • Two-color LEDs indicate both normal and alarm status, not just a fault
  • UL Listed with the supplied back-mounted socket
  • Competitively-priced with a five-year warranty

Two wires from the TCF-F relay are connected to the FLS or CLS leakage sensor which is in series with the pump over temperature switch.  A low-voltage DC signal is applied to measure the current flow through the sensor and over temperature switch. The sensor controls the current in this circuit. These products have isolated output contact relays, one for over temperature and one for seal leakage.

Over Temperature
With input voltage applied, normal temperature condition (thermal switch closed) and no seal leakage, the sensor current will be in the normal range. The over temperature relay is energized and the seal leak relay is de-energized. Both LEDs are Green, indicating normal conditions and input voltage applied.

When the motor temperature rises and the N.C. thermal switch opens, the sensor current becomes zero. The over temperature relay is de-energized, opening a contact that had been closed and turning off the pump contactor. The TEMP LED turns Red. If the over temperature condition is cleared, the unit will reset based on the setting of the Over Temp switch.  In the AUTO mode, the unit will reset automatically.  In the MANUAL mode, the Over Temp Reset button must be pushed to clear the alarm and reset the relay.

Seal Leakage
In a seal leakage condition, contaminating fluid enters the pump motor cavity. The sensor lowers its resistance, increasing the sensor circuit current above the trip point.  The seal leakage output relay energizes and closes a contact, which can be used to give an alarm indication of a leaking seal. The SEAL LED turns Red.

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