Macromatic’s Over Temperature & Seal Leakage Relays

Macromatic’s TCF Series relays protect submersible pump motors against over temperature and seal leakage. The TCF Over Temperature Seal Leakage Relays are ideal for the water/wastewater market where deadfront-mounting on an inner door is needed.

Macromatic’s TCF Series is a full-featured, cost-effective relay in a shorter package that can fit in a less expensive enclosure than the competition’s unit to provide additional cost savings.

Side view of tan plug with black switch

The TCF Series has many advantages over the competition including:

  • Shorter unit may use smaller less expensive enclosure*
  • Full-featured, competitively priced relay*
  • Two-color LEDs indicate both normal alarm status, not just a fault, for better troubleshooting
  • 24, 120 240V AC input voltages two seal leakage sensitivity ranges to meet more applications*
  • UL Listed with back-mounted sockets required for deadfront-mounting on an inner door*
  • Five-year warranty*

*Macromatic exclusive!

Learn more about Macromatic’s flange-mounted Over Temperature Relays Seal Leakage and compare Macromatic’s Over Temperature Seal Leakage Relays to the competition.

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