Product Builder Enables You to Select the Exact Relay You Need

Our new website features a helpful Product Builder to easily select from thousands of Macromatic relays. Just click the attributes based on your requirements.  You get access to wiring diagrams, dimensions, application and operating descriptions, CAD drawings and installation instructions.

The Product Builder is accessed by clicking on a Relay Product Family listed under “Products” on the Main Menu. The Product Listing page presents an introduction of relay features and benefits. Available enclosure styles are also listed. On many pages, a helpful comparison of Macromatic models can be viewed and downloaded by clicking on the blue “View Comparison Chart” button.

Products Models can be “built” by clicking on choices under the various product attributes listed, such as Enclosure Style, Function, Output, Control Voltage, etc. Each time an attribute is selected, the screen redraws and only shows the appropriate models that meet the requirement. Note that sometime the redraw may take a few seconds as the search engine works.

When the search is complete, clicking on the Model Number or Series Number lists model  specifics on the Product Detail page. Clicking on the blue “ADD TO CART” button initiates the online purchasing process.

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