Macromatic Offers Isolated Alarm Circuit Output with Extra Contact with 8 Pin Plug-In Socket

Posted: 1/13/17

Macromatic now offers a redesigned PMPU-FA8X plug-in three-phase monitor relay that is similar to our other products, but with one big difference: it has an extra SPNO output contact in addition to the standard SPDT output and still utilizes an 8-pin socket.

Circuit lines with connecting circlesThe extra output contact allows for voltage isolation between the control circuit and the alarm circuit without requiring a separate relay. If you need the control circuit at 120V and the alarm circuit at 24VDC, but want to save money and space, then this is the product to use. Click here for more information on the application of this product when an isolated alarm circuit is required.

The PMPU-FA8X is a true universal product with the same wide line-line voltage range of 190-500V AC as our other products. All other settings for undervoltage trip point, trip delay, restart delay and unbalance trip point are fixed for ease of setup.

Unlike the competition, the PMPU-FA8X Series Three-Phase Monitor Relays are full-featured, competitively priced and come with a 5-year warranty.

Tan Monitor Box with blue light on topPMPU-FA8X Series:

  • Protects against phase loss, phase reversal, phase unbalance, undervoltage, overvoltage rapid cycling
  • Universal voltage range of 190-500V—greater range that covers more global applications
  • True RMS voltage measurement ensures accurate sensing across more applications
  • Retains fault indication and continues monitoring all voltages even with a lost phase
  • Dual-color LED on top of unit for easy troubleshooting
  • 5A SPDT/SPNO output provides isolated contact for alarm circuits
  • Crosses directly to MPE 001-DVM-118-OV, EXCEPT it is in a shorter enclosure

Learn more about Macromatic’s Three-Phase Monitor Relays with an extra isolated SPNO contact and compare Macromatic’s Three-Phase Monitor Relays to the competition.

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