Macromatic Earns Fastest Growing Firms Award

Posted: 7/22/19

Management Team Receives Award at Luncheon at the Pfister Hotel 

Macromatic was recognized as a Fastest Growing Firm by the Milwaukee Business Journal. Firms with the highest pecentage of growth from 2016 to 2018 were selected as winners. Macromatic has grown by 32.91% in that period. This is the second consecutive year Macromatic received this recognition.

Here is the company profile from the Business Journal:

Group photo of business men holding awardType of business:

Designs and manufactures industrial control and monitoring products that control electrical processes and monitor power for damaging fault conditions.




Steven Sundlov



Growth rate since 2016:


Main factors attributing to company growth?

“Macromatic has always focused on our customers. Our ease-of-doing business, ability to provide timely custom products and exceptional technical support have allowed us to gain market share each year. We also have concentrated on hiring the right people. After creating an exciting company strategy and putting the right stretch goals and metrics in place, it’s time to get out of their way and let them do their jobs.”

Brief examples of challenges overcome to achieve growth goals? 

“One challenge Macromatic has had to overcome is capturing the mindshare of our distributors and our rep organizations. In order to compete with the very large global automation suppliers, we’ve had to focus on delivering a constant stream of new innovative products.  Working mainly with OEM organizations, our value propositions increasingly must be globally centric.  Whether that be product certifications or how we do business in countries outside of the US, we have to be mindful of what’s most important to our end customers.”

Has finding qualified workers impacted your growth? 

“Hiring qualified workers has become an increasingly difficult proposition.  With record lows of unemployment and the ease of submitting resumes electronically, finding the serious and qualified candidates takes more time than ever.  But our HR manager working in concert with the department hiring managers have become increasingly effective at finding the right candidates.”

Future plans for continued growth? 

“Macromatic’s main focus of growth will be centered around the Industry 4.0 concept.  We will develop innovative IIOT (Internet of Things) products that serve the growing trends in the industrial markets for data collection, mobile apps and wireless solutions.  These innovative solutions will help our customers become more competitive through operational efficiency.”