Macromatic Offers Reliable, Accurate Percentage Timers

Posted: 3/3/16

Macromatic PTA Series Percentage Timer ar ideally suited for applications where an adjustable repeating ON time of a fixed length cycle is required. These relays provide an economical way to deliver precise and reliable cycle timing in all types of industrial environments.

Macromatic PTA Series Percentage Timers are relaible and accurate.

Typical applications for Macromatic Percentage Timers are:

  • Irrigation Control
  • Chemical Feeding
  • Electric Heating and Cooling
  • Motor Control
  • Lubrication Systems

Features of the new PTA Series Percentage Timer:

  • Available in 120 and 240 VAC
  • 7 Time Ranges from 15 seconds to 1 hour
  • LED indication of relay status
  • Memory or No Memory models available
  • Robust pressure plate terminal block for easy access and secure termination of bare wire or crimp terminals
  • Touch safe terminations with optional terminal block cover
  • Industry standard panel cutout and mounting pattern for easy installation and field replacement

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