New Over-Temperature & Seal Leakage Relays Operate at 24V AC and 24V DC Voltages.

Posted: 5/20/22

TC-SF-24V AC-DC Versatility - Over-temperature and Seal Leakage Relays


New 24V AC/DC Over-Temperature and Seal Leakage Relays handle both AC and DC voltage. Stock just one model for production and service versatility.  SF Series and TC Series Relays protect submersible pump/motors against damage from over-temperature and seal leakage. A range of models for other control voltages is available.


Seal Leakage Relays monitor the shaft seals of submersible pumps for leakage. Select from models with Plug-in enclosures (SFP Series) or Flange Mounting (SFF Series) for mounting on inner door. These relays work with pumps using Resistance Sensing Leakage Detection. Two sensitivity ranges are available to meet requirements. Everything needed for setup, use and troubleshooting is on the top of the unit: LED status indication and low-profile sensitivity adjustment knob.

Plug-in Enclosure:

  • Single or Dual channel for monitoring one or two pumps
  • Industry standard 8-pin and 11-pin octal sockets
  • Probes are pulsed with a DC voltage to prevent electroplating issues. 

Flange Mount Enclosure :

  • Designed to be mounted on an inner door and used with back-mounted sockets.
  • Single or Dual channel for monitoring one or two pumps
  • 8 Pin Back-Mounted Socket Provided with Relay


One combination relay monitors and protects your pump/motors from both over-temperature and shaft seal leakage. Full Status Indication is located on top of unit for easy troubleshooting.

Plug-in Enclosure:

  • Works with Pumps using Resistance Sensing Leakage Detection
  • Auto Reset for Over Temperature
  • Low-profile adjustment knob

Flange Mount Enclosure:

  • Designed to be mounted on an inner door and used with a back-mounted socket.
  • Switch to select either automatic reset or manual reset for an over temperature condition.
  • Low profile adjustment switch and reset button
  • 11 pin back-mounted socket provided with relay

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