PBDU Phase Monitor Relays: Save Space, Quick Installation for Reduced Costs.

Posted: 11/10/21

Macromatic PBDU Series Phase Monitor Relays

PBDU Series Phase Monitor Relays protect equipment from damage due to voltage faults. These narrow relays save panel space, reduce installation time and cut costs.

The 17.5 mm wide enclosures mount on 35 mm DIN-rail. These relys can be panel mounted with two screws by extending the clips from under the relays. 

The PBDU Series protects against phase loss, phase reversal and phase unbalance. Phase unbalance is adjustable from 5% to 25%.  Full fault indication on top of units facilitates easy troubleshooting. These relays are compatible with most Wye or Delta systems with no connection to neutral required. 

  • Universal voltage range of 280 - 480V AC
  • Output Contacts: SPDT 5A @ 250V AC
  • Load (Burden): 10VA (1W) @ 400V / 50Hz; 16VA (1.5W) @ 480V 60Hz
  • Minimum/Maximum Voltage: 187V AC - 528V AC

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