Eric Horwath

Engineering Manager

Eric leads the new product development and sustaining engineering efforts at Macromatic. Over his 15 years with the company, Eric has made “Better. By Design.” his mission. Technological innovation, design for manufacturability, and a strong customer focus has led to countless new and improved Macromatic products.

An avid outdoorsman, Eric enjoys hunting, fishing, backpacking, and canoeing. In particular, he looks forward to canoeing the BWCA/Quetico Wilderness each year. Leaving the city behind provides a welcome break, but it is the unknown challenges and discoveries ahead that make the journey interesting.

“When you encounter an obstacle out there, you have to overcome it. You have to be creative and push yourself, failure is not an option.” Explained Eric. “Product development is much the same. The obstacles are great, but so is our resolve.  I look forward to the challenge.”