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Using Time Delay Relays to Cycle a Traffic Signal

Wednesday: December 19, 2018 : Time Delay Relays

Issue: I have an old traffic signal that I would like to cycle through the Green-Yellow-Red lights. Can this be done with time delay relays? Solution/Resolution: This simple solution can be done with one Interval ON (TD1) & two Single Shot (TD2 & TD3) time delay relays. Wire the three time delay relays & traffic 


DPDT 240V Voltage Monitor Relay

Tuesday: December 4, 2018 : Blog

New VMP240AX 240V AC Voltage Monitor Relay offers DPDT output contacts when voltage isolation is required between two different voltage circuits.


Using Alternating Relays with DC Input Voltages

Monday: November 19, 2018 : Alternating Relays

Issue: Do your Alternating Relays work on DC voltages? Your catalog used to only mention AC and the products were only marked as AC. 


Replacing a Square D (Schneider) 8430MPS or 8430MPD Phase Monitor Relay

Thursday: November 15, 2018 : Three-Phase Monitor Relays

Issue: Schneider Electric (Square D) has obsoleted their complete line of 8430 MPS plug-in & MPD surface-mount phase monitor relays. I see Macromatic has several products I could use to replace the Square D products. Are there any special issues to address? Solution/Resolution: The following are the steps required to replace an obsolete Square D product with one from Macromatic


Replacement of Obsolete SS-4 Series Time Delay Relays

Wednesday: November 14, 2018 : Time Delay Relays

Issue: How do I convert from an obsolete SS-4 product with a spade base socket to one with an octal base socket? Solution/Resolution: The Macromatic SS-4 spade base products were obsoleted on August 1, 2010. If you have an application that uses an SS-4 product and need a replacement, you have two options: (a) switch


Hazardous Location Classifications

Friday: September 7, 2018 : Blog

When electrical equipment is used in, around, or near an atmosphere that has flammable gases or vapors, flammable liquids, combustible dusts, ignitable fibers or flyings, there is always a possibility or risk that a fire or explosion might occur. 


TE Connectivity Obsoleting Voltage Sensor Relays

Wednesday: August 29, 2018 : Blog

TE Connectivity is obsoleting their line of plug-in voltage sensor relays (the old Potter & Brumfield brand products). 


Macromatic earns Fastest Growing Firms Award

Friday: July 20, 2018 : Blog

Macromatic earns Fastest Growing Firms award from Milwaukee Business Journal. 


Maximum Voltage for Monitored Current

Tuesday: July 17, 2018 : Current Sensing Relays

Issue: On any of your current sensing relays, is there a maximum voltage level for the current being monitored? 


Macromatic Reintroduces the COKP Series Plug-in Current Sensing Relay

Monday: July 16, 2018 : Blog

Macomatic redesigned the COKP Series with new technology and it is now available. The COKP Series offers: adjustable pick-up current, adjustable drop-out current and adjustable time delay on relay energization.  


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