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An Overview of Hazardous Locations

Thursday: May 23, 2019 : Intrinsically Safe Barrier Relays

When electrical equipment is used in, around, or near an atmosphere that has flammable gases or vapors, flammable liquids, combustible dusts, ignitable fibers or flyings, there is a possibility or risk that a fire or explosion might occur. 


What is the difference between “UL Listed” & “UL Component Recognized”?

Monday: May 20, 2019 : Knowledgebase General

We are often asked several questions regarding our plug-in products & UL certifications: "What is the difference between UL Component Recognized & UL Listed”? and Why are some products only UL Component Recognized instead of UL Listed”? &


Macromatic Names New Central Region Sales Manager

Tuesday: May 14, 2019 : Blog

Darin Gilmore has joined the Macromatic Sales team as the new Regional Sales Manager for the U.S. Central Region. Darin will report to Tim Burns, Vice President – Sales and Marketing.


Macromatic Announces Transition to New Owners

Thursday: May 2, 2019 : Blog

Macromatic has announced the sale of the privately-owned company to a management group headed by new President Steve Sundlov. The transition is effective May 1, 2019, according to past owner and President John Perdue. Perdue is retiring after 22 years of leading the company and 40 years in the industry.


New Sales & Marketing Team Members Expand Customer Outreach Programs

Tuesday: January 1, 2019 : Blog

Macromatic welcomes two new members to its sales and marketing team. Tim Burns has been named National Sales and Marketing Manager. Bruce Peight has joined Macromatic as our Marketing Communications Specialist reporting directly to Tim.


Using Time Delay Relays to Cycle a Traffic Signal

Wednesday: December 19, 2018 : Time Delay Relays

Issue: I have an old traffic signal that I would like to cycle through the Green-Yellow-Red lights. Can this be done with time delay relays? Solution/Resolution: This simple solution can be done with one Interval ON (TD1) & two Single Shot (TD2 & TD3) time delay relays. Wire the three time delay relays & traffic 


DPDT 240V Voltage Monitor Relay

Tuesday: December 4, 2018 : Blog

New VMP240AX 240V AC Voltage Monitor Relay offers DPDT output contacts when voltage isolation is required between two different voltage circuits.  If you need the control circuit to be at 120V AC and the alarm circuit at 24V DC, but want to save money and space, then this is the product to use.


Using Alternating Relays with DC Input Voltages

Monday: November 19, 2018 : Alternating Relays

Issue: Do your Alternating Relays work on DC voltages? Your catalog used to only mention AC and the products were only marked as AC. 


Replacing a Square D (Schneider) 8430MPS or 8430MPD Phase Monitor Relay

Thursday: November 15, 2018 : Three-Phase Monitor Relays

Issue: Schneider Electric (Square D) has obsoleted their complete line of 8430 MPS plug-in & MPD surface-mount phase monitor relays. I see Macromatic has several products I could use to replace the Square D products. Are there any special issues to address? Solution/Resolution: The following are the steps required to replace an obsolete Square D product with one from Macromatic


Replacement of Obsolete SS-4 Series Time Delay Relays

Wednesday: November 14, 2018 : Time Delay Relays

Issue: How do I convert from an obsolete SS-4 product with a spade base socket to one with an octal base socket? Solution/Resolution: The Macromatic SS-4 spade base products were obsoleted on August 1, 2010. If you have an application that uses an SS-4 product and need a replacement, you have two options: (a) switch


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