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Barrier Relays vs. Zener Barriers in Intrinsically Safe Control Circuits

Tuesday: September 3, 2019 : Intrinsically Safe Barrier Relays

Intrinsically safe control circuits provide a safe and cost-effective method for interfacing electrical control devices that span across hazardous and non-hazardous locations. Safety is ensured at these interfaces using intrinsically safe barrier devices.


What is Sequence On – Simultaneous Off (S.O.S.O. or SOSO) Operation on Pump Control?

Tuesday: August 27, 2019 : Alternating Relays

Question: I want my two loads to come on one after the other, but then both loads to stay on together until the last control switch is opened.


Three-Phase Monitor Relays: What Motor Do You Need to Protect?

Wednesday: August 21, 2019 : Three-Phase Monitor Relays

Macromatic Plug-In Three-Phase Monitor Relays provide protection for motors against premature failure caused by voltage faults. This series of relays retain fault indication and continue to monitor all voltages even with a lost phase.


Circuit Design for Intrinsic Safety

Wednesday: August 14, 2019 : Intrinsically Safe Barrier Relays

When installing electrical equipment in or near hazardous locations, specific circuit design principles must be followed in order to prevent an explosion.


Typical Applications for Alternating Relays

Tuesday: August 6, 2019 : Alternating Relays

Issue: How do I make connections to my Alternating Relay? Solution/Resolution: Macromatic offers several versions of Duplex Alternating Relays.  The following examples are typically the way connections are made to the relays.  The loads could be pumps, compressors, or air conditioning/refrigeration units.


TD-881 Series DIP Switch Programming

Tuesday: July 30, 2019 : Time Delay Relays

Macromatic offers one of the widest varieties of time delay relays (sometimes referred to timing relays or timers) on the market today The online Interactive Programming Guide makes it simple to set up to 16 field-selectable time delay functions.


Macromatic Earns Fastest Growing Firms Award

Monday: July 22, 2019 : Blog

Macromatic was recognized as a Fastest Growing Firm by the Milwaukee Business Journal. Firms with the highest pecentage of growth from 2016 to 2018 were selected as winners. Macromatic has grown by 32.91% in that period. 


Understanding Entity Parameters

Monday: July 15, 2019 : Intrinsically Safe Barrier Relays

When designing Intrinsically Safe Circuits, it is imperative to understand the entity parameters of the devices in your circuit. The entity parameters describe characteristics of the device, as well as what can safely be connected to it.


Does my Phase Monitor Relay require a Short Circuit Current Rating?

Tuesday: July 2, 2019 : Three-Phase Monitor Relays

Calculating the Short Circuit Current Rating for control panels requires establishing the SCCR for each of the individual, relevant power circuit components. What about the Phase Monitor Relay used to measure the circuit voltage? 


Why UL 913 8th Edition Certification Matters?

Thursday: June 20, 2019 : Intrinsically Safe Barrier Relays

Intrinsically Safe devices are not yet required to meet UL 913 8th Edition. So why does certification to the more stringent 8th edition matter?


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