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TE Connectivity Obsoleting Voltage Sensor Relays

Wednesday: August 29, 2018 : Blog

TE Connectivity is obsoleting their line of plug-in voltage sensor relays (the old Potter & Brumfield brand products). 


Macromatic earns Fastest Growing Firms Award

Friday: July 20, 2018 : Blog

Macromatic earns Fastest Growing Firms award from Milwaukee Business Journal. 


Maximum Voltage for Monitored Current

Tuesday: July 17, 2018 : Current Sensing Relays

Issue: On any of your current sensing relays, is there a maximum voltage level for the current being monitored? 


Macromatic Reintroduces the COKP Series Plug-in Current Sensing Relay

Monday: July 16, 2018 : Blog

Macomatic redesigned the COKP Series with new technology and it is now available. The COKP Series offers: adjustable pick-up current, adjustable drop-out current and adjustable time delay on relay energization.  


Macromatic’s CAP Series Current Sensing Relays are direct replacement for Crouzet

Friday: July 13, 2018 : Blog

Macromatic’s new CAP Series Current Sensing Relays are a direct replacement for both the LIRT & DIRT Series from Crouzet.


What happens when a time delay relay trigger is closed before voltage is applied?

Tuesday: March 13, 2018 : Time Delay Relays

Issue: I am using a time delay relay with a triggered function. My trigger switch will be closed before I apply voltage to the time delay relay. Will this work? Solution/Resolution: In a typical application with a triggered time delay relay, voltage is first applied to the timer, then the trigger is applied to begin the function. Some applications, however, require the trigger to be closed before voltage is applied. Most Macromatic time delay relays will recognize the trigger when applied prior to the application of voltage, however, some will not.


Using DPDT Cross-Wired Alternating Relays with HIGH-LOW Float Switches

Tuesday: January 16, 2018 : Alternating Relays


I have two float switches and two pumps in my application: a HIGH float switch to pump the water down and prevent an overflow of the tank, and a LOW float switch to turn the pump off and prevent the tank from being emptied & burning out the pump. 


Macromatic offers deadfront-mounted relays to protect submersible pumps

Thursday: January 11, 2018 : Blog

Macromatic offers relay solutions to protect pumps against over temperature and seal leakage in the water/wastewater industry.


Macromatic Offers Money-Saving Replacement for Flygt MiniCAS Relay

Wednesday: January 10, 2018 : Blog

Macromatic's TCF-F Series Relays designed specifically for monitoring over temperature and seal leakage on submersible pumps using FLS or CLS Sensors.


Advantages of Macromatic Three-Phase Monitor Relays with Remote Manual Reset

Wednesday: November 1, 2017 : Blog

All Macromatic three-phase monitor relays with the remote manual reset have two advantages over those products with top-mounted buttons.


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