What is a Phase Loss? How can I protect my motor?

Monday: December 15, 2014

When one phase of a three-phase system is lost, a phase loss occurs. This is also called 'single phasing'. Typically, a phase loss is caused by a blown fuse, thermal overload, broken wire, worn contact or mechanical failure.

Learn how to use Macromatic’s Digital Catalogs effectively

Tuesday: December 2, 2014

Macromatic's Digital Catalogs provide you with all the information you need at your fingertips. They are easy-to-use and share with others.

Macromatic Adds 3-D CAD Models

Wednesday: October 8, 2014

A comprehensive set of 2-D and 3-D models of Macromatic products are now available for download from the website on the product overview page.

SSAC Obsoletes Selected ECS Current Sensing Relays

Monday: July 7, 2014

As part of their continuing practice to obsolete selected catalog numbers, SSAC has eliminated many products from their ECS Series of encapsulated Current Sensing Relays. 

What Motor Do You Need to Protect?

Monday: April 14, 2014

Macromatic Industrial Controls announced its next generation of Plug-In Three-Phase Monitor Relays which provide protection for motors against premature failure caused by voltage faults.

SSAC Continues to Inactivate/Obsolete Products

Tuesday: January 21, 2014

Have you been using a product from SSAC/Symcom for years and now been told it is inactive or obsolete & NO LONGER AVAILABLE?  Macromatic offers a complete line of plug-in & encapsulated products, many that are equivalent to those from SSAC (formerly owned by ABB). To find the Macromatic equivalent of any SSAC product, please 

Competitive Cross-Reference

Monday: January 20, 2014

Did you know...The Macromatic Competitive Cross Reference on our website now has over 7,500 competitor Catalog Numbers with the Macromatic equivalent product? It is interactive–enter all or the first few characters of the competitor’s Catalog Number and immediately get our equivalent–no 20 page .pdf file to download & manually search through? 

Expanded DC Input Voltage Range for THS Series Encapsulated Time Delay Relays

Tuesday: January 14, 2014

Based on ever increasing demand in the market place, Macromatic has expanded the DC voltage input of the THS Series time delay relay.  These products now offer a DC voltage range of 12-125 VDC.  The use of DC control voltages is becoming more common to address safety concerns and NFPA codes & restrictions.  The new 

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