Three-Phase Monitor Relays

600V-Rated Sockets for Use with Phase Monitor Relays

Tuesday: April 14, 2015

What 8 pin socket do I use with any of your plug-in Phase Monitor Relays on applications greater than 300V? According to the specifications I have seen in many catalogs, 8 pin sockets are normally only rated 300V and my system voltage is 480V. 

Whose Three-Phase Monitor Relay is Right for You?

Tuesday: April 14, 2015

You have a choice when it comes to selecting a Three-Phase Monitor Relay for your motor and specific application. While all the Three-Phase Monitor Relay products provide protection against motor and system faults, Macromatic has gone an extra step and designed a new generation of relays with some ingenious features that promise to benefit you.

3-Phase Monitor Relays & Phase Converters

Monday: February 9, 2015

Issue: Are there any issues with using a three-phase monitor relay on a system that is using a phase converter to get a third leg on a 240V system? Solution/Resolution: There are two important items to watch out for in this application. STATIC phase converters are not truly providing 3 phase power and are not

New 575V AC Three-Phase Monitor Relays

Thursday: November 6, 2014

Macromatic announces an exciting addition to its plug-in series of Three-Phase Monitor Relays. To provide solutions for a greater variety of voltage applications, four new 575V AC Three-Phase Monitor Relays are now available that monitor a voltage range of 460 to 600V AC. This new voltage option is available in the following part numbers: Product Number Protects

Protection on a Corner Grounded Delta System

Wednesday: November 5, 2014

Issue: Can I use a phase monitor for protection on a corner grounded delta system? Answer: Yes, Macromatic phase monitor relays provide the same reliable protection on corner grounded delta systems. A corner grounded delta system is a common way to establish a reference to safety ground when dealing with an otherwise floating output from a 

What is True RMS? And Why is it Important in a Phase Monitor?

Monday: April 14, 2014

RMS stands for Root Mean Square. True RMS is a mathematical formula that is used to calculate the effective value of an AC wave shape. To understand why this is important, it is helpful to first discuss what a phase monitor does. A phase monitor measures voltage to confirm the presence of a desired voltage; it 

Undervoltage Settings on Universal Voltage Three Phase Monitor Relays

Monday: April 14, 2014

Issue: Your new PMPU three-phase monitor relay can work on any voltage between 190 & 500V. It also includes an adjustable undervoltage trip setting of 80-95% and a fixed overvoltage trip setting of 110%. How do these percentages work depending on where you set the line-line voltage?

Phase Monitor Relays & Different Frequencies

Monday: April 14, 2014

Issue: Do your Phase Monitor Relays work at both 60hz as well as 50hz? What is the tolerance at either value?

Maximum Voltage Ratings of Phase Monitor Relays

Monday: April 14, 2014

Issue: What is the maximum voltage that your phase monitors can handle? What about the units that offer overvoltage protection? 

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