Time Delay Relays

Definition of Repeat Accuracy

Saturday: August 29, 2015

Issue: What does "repeat accuracy" mean in the Application Data section of your time delay relays? Solution/Resolution: Repeat accuracy is the percent variance of time within consecutive timing cycles once a time delay relay is set to the required time delay. For example, our TR-6 Series programmable & TR-5 Series non-programmable units have a repeat

Input Voltage Applied But Nothing Coming Out!!

Wednesday: August 12, 2015

Issue: When I apply 120V to the input terminals of a time delay relay, why don’t I get 120V out of the output contacts to control my load? Solution/Resolution: Think of a time delay relay as nothing more than a control relay with a time delay built-in. When you apply voltage to a control relay, 

Linear Dial Settings on Time Delay Relays

Sunday: August 9, 2015

Issue: Is the dial setting on your time delay relays linear? How do I find 10 seconds with a range of 1-30 seconds? Solution/Resolution: Since most time delay relays use a potentiometer to adjust the time delay, the actual dial setting is not linear. Any markings along the dial are normally for reference only. To

Trouble-Shooting Tips for Plug-In Products

Wednesday: August 5, 2015

We frequently receive technical support calls from installers that can't get their plug-in product to function correctly. This is understandable because unless you work with plug-in products on a regular basis; there are several idiosyncrasies to these products that are not common knowledge. The Trouble-Shooting tips below cover the most common issues we see and

MIN-MAX Settings on Time Delay Relays

Wednesday: July 29, 2015

Issue: On a time delay relay with a range of 0.3-30 seconds, how come I get less than a 0.3 second setting at the “MIN” setting and/or more than a 30 second delay at “MAX”? Solution/Resolution: To guarantee that a user receives the full range indicated on the product, time delay relay manufacturers must build

Remote Adjustable Time Delay

Tuesday: June 30, 2015

Issue: How can I set the time delay remotely, either adjustable or fixed? Solution/Resolution: There may be an application requiring the setting of the time delay "remotely" or at some distance from the time delay relay itself. For example, the requirement may call for an adjustment outside the control panel on the front door instead

Time Delay Relays with Fixed Time Delay

Saturday: June 27, 2015

Issue: I would like to get a time delay relay with a fixed time delay vs. adjustable to both make it easy to set up & to avoid anyone from later changing the setting. What options do I have with either your plug-in or encapsulated products? Solution/Resolution: Macromatic will build any non-programmable analog-set time delay 

How Do You Set Up an Old Guardian PET1481A Time Delay Relay?

Friday: February 27, 2015

Issue: I have an old Guardian PET1481A timer. How do you set it up? Do you offer a replacement product for this obsolete unit? Solution/Resolution: Macromatic used to build the PET1481A time delay relay under contract for Guardian Electric Manufacturing Company, but we stopped back in 2003. Since we built & sold the product to 

Products with 8 Pin Headers Instead of 11 Pin

Friday: February 20, 2015

Issue: I want to use an Off Delay time delay relay with an 8 pin octal socket, but your catalog only lists an 11 pin version. What can I do? Solution/Resolution: Most Off Delay, Single Shot and other time delay relay functions that use a control switch to initiate action come in DPDT output 11 

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