Time Delay Relays

Using Solid State Switches with Time Delay Relays

Wednesday: January 7, 2015

Issue: I have been told not to use solid state input devices such as proximity or photoelectric switches with solid state time delay relays. Why not and what can I do? Solution/Resolution: Ever since the introduction of solid state input devices, designers have had difficulty using them with certain solid state time delay relays. That’s

TAA2U and TAD1U Start, Inhibit and Reset Inputs

Friday: August 22, 2014

The Macromatic TAA2U and TAD1U offer a wide variety of functionality and application versatility by offering START, INHIBIT and RESET inputs. The information below explains the functionality of these 3 circuits. TAA2U TAD1U START INPUT TAA2U Terminal 6 and TAD1U Terminal 3 The START circuit initiates the timing function when connected. There are 2 common ways to use 

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