The Big Cheese for 20 Years

Wednesday: March 1, 2017 : Blog

March 1, 2017 was the 20th year anniversary of John Perdue acquiring Macromatic Industrial Controls. “The Big Cheese” celebrated this momentous occasion with the Macromatic team and his “better-half”, Becky, during an anniversary lunch complete with sparkling champagne ​(non-alcoholic, of course!).

In the beginning, John pondered the decision of purchasing the company and had often been heard mumbling “Why was buying this company a good idea?”

However, he was having fun and that was what mattered most. Through the tough times of being a struggling start-up to the big boom of the mid-2000s, to the present day double-digit growth, owning Macromatic has been an epic experience full of that fun John desired.

Over the years, Macromatic’s fearless leader has inspired and motivated his team to be responsible for their tasks, projects and day-to-day responsibilities with a sense of pride. He puts his faith in his exceptional staff to design, manufacture, market and sell the most technologically-advanced industrial relays on the market. John has created an environment where spirit and confidence to improve as individuals are not hindered by negativism and mistakes are always okay - as long as they happen only once. John has truly fostered an atmosphere that is engaging and satisfying for his employees and he is the epitome of a great leader and friend.

Here’s to 20 years, congratulations, John!


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