Macromatic’s CAP Series Current Sensing Relays are direct replacement for Crouzet

Friday: July 13, 2018 : Blog

Macromatic’s new CAP Series Current Sensing Relays are a direct replacement for both the LIRT and DIRT Series from Crouzet. Macromatic's CAP Series is designed to monitor AC or DC current and provides non-memory (non-latching) and memory (latching) functions in the same product, comparable to the Crouzet relays.  The adjustment knob for the Start-up Sensing Delay (ts) is on the top of the Macromatic unit for easy access vs. on the side of the Crouzet relays where it is difficult to use.

The CAP Series is a plug-in design and is a drop-in replacement for the Crouzet plug-in LIRT Series.  Both use 11 pin sockets. 

However, even though the Macromatic CAP Series is plug-in, it is also a direct equivalent to the Crouzet DIRT Series, which is DIN-rail mounted only.  The recommended Macromatic 70170-D 11 pin socket can be mounted on 35mm DIN rail, so the combination of the plug-in CAP relay and socket will mount exactly like the Crouzet DIRT unit.

Click on any of the following Crouzet catalog numbers to find the equivalent Macromatic product and who has it in stock:

To learn more about Macromatic’s CAP Series Current Sensing Relays, click here or contact us today at 800-238-7474.

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