Macromatic Reintroduces the COKP Series Plug-in Current Sensing Relay

Monday: July 16, 2018 : Blog

At the end of 2015, Macromatic announced the obsolescence of our complete line of plug-in current sensing relays due to a component becoming obsolete with no available replacement.  The CMP, CMKP, COP, COKP & CUP Series products were no longer available after this announcement.  Please note that our CAH, COH & CUH Series of encapsulated current sensing relays were NOT impacted by this issue and continue to be available.

However, we have redesigned just the COKP Series with new technology and it is now available. The COKP Series was selected because it offers the most flexibility of all the obsolete products: adjustable pick-up current, adjustable drop-out current and adjustable time delay on relay energization.  Click here for more information. 

Current sensing relays can be used in several applications where protection of sensitive or expensive equipment against over or under current conditions is required, such as detecting (sensing) conveyor jam-up conditions, machine tool wear, no load conditions or monitoring status of heater or lamp loads. An external current transformer may be used to extend the range of these products.

To find the equivalent COKP Series relay to replace any of the obsolete products, enter the old catalog number in the Search Box above or contact Macromatic for assistance.

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