Industry’s First Deadfront-Door Mounted Seal Leakage Relay By Macromatic

Friday: May 19, 2017 : Blog

Macromatic now offers the industry's first deadfront-door mounted seal leakage-only relay, the SFF Series.deadfront-door mounted seal leakage-only relay, deadfront door, seal leak, seal leakage, macromatic, sff, tcf,mpe, flygt. xylem

A seal leakage relay is designed to monitor the shaft seals of submersible pumps for leakage. Until now, these products were only available as socket-mounted relays for mounting on the back-panel. To make the status of the relay visible to the user, two pilot lights had to be installed on the deadfront door and wired back to the seal leakage relay or relays.

An Industry First.

Macromatic now makes it easy to check the status of a potential seal leakage on submersible pumps without the material and labor cost needed to mount and wire separate pilot lights. Macromatic’s SFF Series offers both a single channel and dual channel version with a choice of three input voltages and two sensitivity ranges to cover most applications.

More Advantages.

  • Dual-color LEDs-indicate both NORMAL & ALARM status, not just a fault, for better troubleshooting
  • UL Listed when used with the back-mounted socket supplied with the relay
  • Cutout size is same as Macromatic TCF Series over temp/seal leakage relays, MPE PMR Power Monitor relays & Xylem/Flygt MINI CAS relay
  • Five-Year Warranty

To learn more about Macromatic’s SFF Series Seal Leakage Relays, click here or contact us today at 800-237-7474.

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