Differences Between the Obsolete SS-5 & SS-6 Series Time Delay Relays vs. Current TR-5 & TR-6 Series

Monday: February 13, 2017 : Time Delay Relays

The SS-5 Series and SS-6 Series of plug-in time delay relays were manufactured by Macromatic through the summer of 1999. At that time, they were replaced by the TR-5 & TR-6 Series, the next generation of Macromatic plug-in time delay relays. The TR-5 Series was further updated in 2012 and a redesigned TR-6 Series was introduced in 2017 with major changes.

All TR Series products are direct replacements for their SS Series equivalent in terms of form, fit & function (use Search box above to find the TR Series equivalent of the older SS Series). The major obvious difference is the white enclosure of the TR Series products vs. the black enclosure of the obsolete SS Series. However, there are many more improvements which are summarized on below. Or contact Macromatic at 800-238-7474 if you have other questions about the substitution of the TR Series for the SS Series products.


Obsolete SS Series

New TR Series

  Obsolete SS Series Time Delay Relays  
Case/Markings Color Black Case with White Ink White Case with Black Ink Dark Ink on Light Background is Easier to Read and Covers More Consistently
Built-in Time Ranges (SS-6 & TR-6 Series Only) 4 DIP-Switches to select one of 16 timing ranges; Set Pattern of DIP Switches per Chart on Side of Unit 16-Position Rotary Switch to select one of 16 timing ranges per Chart on Top of Unit (Dual Knob units have Chart on Side of Relay) Easier to Choose a Time Range - Select One Rotary Position instead of Setting a Pattern with 4 DIP-Switches
Input Voltage (SS-6 & TR-6 Series Only) Individual Input Voltages Universal 24-240V AC & 12-125V DC One Unit Can Cover a Wider Variety of Applications
Technology IC Microprocessor Improved Performance & Reliability
Contact HP & Pilot Duty Ratings 1/3HP @ 240V AC 1/2HP @ 120/240V AC (N.O.); 1/3HP @ 120/240V AC (N.C.) B300/R300 Covers a Wider Range of Applications
Agency Approvals   


(TR-5 Series)

(TR-6 Series)

  UL Listed with Socket Eliminates Possible Confusion on Plug-in Product Listing
  CE Mark Allows Export to Europe; Product Meets Minimum Safety Standard
  Meets Standard for Lead-Free & Cadmium-Free Construction

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