Estimating Contact Life of Products with Specific Loads

Saturday: January 17, 2015 : General Articles


How many switching cycles will the contacts on your products operate with a specific load?


The electrical life of the relay is directly related to the load it is controlling. The electrical life at full load is 100,000 operations for most Macromatic products; to determine expected life at other load levels, use the graphs below. The following test results were provided by the manufacturer's of the relay contacts.

Product Series – ARP, CA, CHR, CM, CO, CU, PMD, PMPU-FA, TD-7, TD-8, TR-5, TR-6, VAK, VAKP, VMKP, VMP, VWKP, VWP

Product Series - SFP, SS,THR

Product Series- ISP

Product Series - TAA1U, TAD1U

Product Series - TAA2U

Product Series - TE, VAKE,VWKE

Product Series - ATP

Product Series - PMP, VAKPU, VWKPU

No data available - PAP, PCP, PLP

The graphs above represent all available data for estimating electrical life. Results above are typical under the test conditions prescribed by each relay contact manufacturer. Macromatic does not promise nor warranty the operating life results indicated in the above graphs.

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