What Are the Advantages of Using General Purpose Relays?

Wednesday: April 22, 2020 : General Purpose Relays


What Are the Advantages of Using General Purpose Relays?


General Purpose relays are economical, so they can reduce system costs on control panels with limited space. The relays’ small profile and side-by-side DIN-rail mounting simplifies installation and wiring.

Macromatic GP Relays are color coded for quick and easy testing and troubleshooting of control logic circuits. The AC voltage coil units have an orange “Push-to-Test” button. The DC voltage coil units have a blue “Push to Test” button.

Both buttons can be easily pushed for a momentary test. Or, they can be locked in place with a simple 90-degree rotation using a small blade screwdriver. All Macromatic relays also come with an LED light for visual confirmation that the relay is energized. AC is red and DC is green.

For ease of testing, the panel builder can turn on the control power in his panel. Then he can turn the “Push to Test” switch on the GP relay and see a motor contactor close or a VFD input light without much effort. So it is a quick and easy way to verify that the control circuits were wired properly. Sometimes one relay feeds another, so locking in the first relay frees up your hand to test the other relay.

Macromatic relays have transparent covers to monitor operation and the condition of contacts. Wiring diagrams and terminal identification printed on the enclosures helps to ensure correct installation. The blade version has a robust 12 amp rating at 120VAC.

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