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How do I convert from an obsolete SS-4 product with a spade base socket to one with an octal base socket?


The Macromatic SS-4 spade base products were obsoleted on August 1, 2010. If you have an application that uses an SS-4 product and need a replacement, you have two options: (a) switch to a more common & readily available octal base time delay relay; or (b) find a similar product from another manufacturer. This article describes the steps required to convert from a time delay relay with a spade base to one with an octal base.

Converting from Spade Base to Octal Base

Determine the correct octal-based product to replace your SS-4:

Macromatic offers two types of octal-base time delay relays to use as replacements for the SS-4 spade base unit. TR-6 programmable unit comes with 16 timing ranges built in. The TR-5 non-programmable comes with a single time delay as defined by its two digit suffix.

To select a TR-5 equivalent, simply replace the “SS-4” prefix with “TR-5”. All the letters, numbers, and symbols remain the same (for example, an SS-40222-05 becomes TR-50222-05).

To select a TR-6 equivalent, simply replace the “SS-4” prefix with “TR-6”, drop the two digit suffix, and change the last character from a "2", "6" or "8" to "U", i.e, SS-40222-05 becomes TR-6022U.

For either product, you will need to purchase an appropriate octal-base socket. To determine if an 8 or 11 pin octal socket is required, please consult the literature or selection guide for either product: TR-6 | TR-5.

Locating a distributor where you can buy the new TR-5 or TR-6 product:

Both the Macromatic TR-6 & TR-5 products are stocked by a variety of distributors. Click here to locate an anthorized distributor who stocks the product you need. Don't forget the 8 or 11 pin octal socket.

Re-wiring the new octal-base product:

Turn off all power supplying this equipment before connecting or disconnecting wiring. Your new TR-5 or TR-6 product will require the replacement of the old SS-4 spade base socket with an 8 or 11 pin octal socket. In most applications, you can simply remove the wires from the old socket and connect them to the corresponding terminals on the new socket. Simply refer to the following instructions, doing one wire at a time so the wires do not get mixed with one another (NOTE: be sure to carefully match terminal numbers on the time delay relays to the terminal numbers on the sockets):

Original Spade Base Product Replacement Octal Base Product Instructions
On Delay
SS-402 Series
On Delay
TR-502 or TR-602 Series
  • Move input voltage wires from A & B on SS-4 spade base unit to Pins 2 & 7 (watch polarity on DC input voltages)
  • On SS-4 unit, one SPDT relay is pins 7 (COM), 4 (N.O.) & 1 (N.C.). Move these wires to pins 1 (COM), 3 (N.O.) & 4 (N.C.) on octal base product
  • The other SPDT relay is pins 9 (COM), 6 (N.O.) & 3 (N.C.). Move these wires to pins 8 (COM), 6 (N.O.) & 5 (N.C.) on octal base product
Off Delay
SS-416 Series
Off Delay
TR-516 or TR-616 Series
  • Move input voltage wires from A & B on SS-4 spade base unit to Pins 2 & 10 (watch polarity on DC input voltages)
  • On SS-4 unit, one SPDT relay is pins 7 (COM), 4 (N.O.) & 1 (N.C.). Move these wires to pins 1 (COM), 3 (N.O.) & 4 (N.C.) on octal the product
  • The other SPDT relay is pins 9 (COM), 6 (N.O.) & 3 (N.C.). Move these wires to pins 11 (COM), 9 (N.O.) & 8 (N.C.) on octal base product
  • Move the control switch from pins 2 & 5 on the SS-4 unit to pins 5 & 6 on the octal base unit

If you have any questions regarding the selection & rewiring of the new octal base product, please contact Macromatic at 800-238-7474.

Setup the product and plug it in:

Set the time delay adjustment knob on the new TR-5 or TR-6 series product to match the time delay on the SS-4 unit. On the TR-5 unit, set the adjustment potentiometer at the same setting as the SS-4. To set the time delay on the TR-6 product, first select the time range by rotating the 16 position rotary switch and then set the potentiometer within the selected range at the same setting setting as the SS-4 unit.

IMPORTANT DIFFERENCES: SS-4 Spade Base vs. TR-5 (and TR-6) Octal Base

  • SS-4 Series products have maximum relay contact ratings of 12 Amperes; the TR-5 & TR-6 series are rated to a maximum of 10 Amperes.
  • The dimensions of the SS-4 products and sockets are different from those of the TR5 & TR-6 series of products and sockets. Consult the online catalog pages for these products for more information.
  • Specifications may vary slightly between time delay relay product families. Please consult the application data section of the catalog pages for more information.
  • The TR-5 and TR-6 time delay relay product families offer numerous additional functions, time ranges, and accessories that were not available with the SS-4 products; for more information see the online catalog or contact Macromatic at 800-238-7474 or  

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