Macromatic's TR-6 Series Time Delay Relays Redesign

Wednesday: February 22, 2017 : Time Delay Relays

The Macromatic TR-6 Series Time Ranger programmable time delay relays have gone through an extensive redesign that was introduced in February 2017.  While many features & benefits were retained, there were several major improvements summarized below:

Changes Old TR-6 Design New TR-6 Design
Input Voltage Individual Voltages, i.e., 24V AC/DC, 120V AC/DC, etc. Universal Input Voltage of 24-240V AC & 12-125V DC
Programmable Time Ranges 16 Ranges Covering 0.1 Second - 2 Hours (0.6 Seconds - 24 Hours on Dual Time Functions) 16 Ranges Covering 0.05 Seconds - 100 Hours
Multi-Function Versions Offered No Yes

These improvements all add up to one important benefit: the number of catalog numbers required in your stock to cover a variety of applications has been reduced dramatically.  Need products for 12V, 24V, 120V and 240V applications—covered with one unit.  Have some applications requiring a 10 second delay or 5 minute delay or 48 hour delay—covered with one unit.  Want to meet multiple function requirements like On Delay or Off Delay or Retriggerable Single Shot with one unit—covered with multi-function versions.

There is one other important change that could impact the application of these products in very rare situations where multiple time delay relays are all initiated by the same trigger switch.  The new TR-6 Series with functions triggered by a control switch (Off Delay, Single Shot, Watchdog, etc.) now have a line voltage trigger vs. the older designs that had a 10V DC trigger circuit.  A line voltage trigger is where the voltage across the control switch terminals is equal to the input voltage of the unit.  Problems may occur when multiple units with different trigger voltages share a common control switch. Please click here to read a Knowledge Base Article on this subject.

At the same time these improvements were made, the TR-6 Series retained the same rotary switch to easily select one of the 16 built-in time delay ranges and the same potentiometer knob to adjust within that range.  The new multi-function products use the same style rotary switch, but with 8 positions to select one of the built-in functions.  The time delay functions operate the same.  And the pin configurations for both 8 & 11 pin products have not changed. All this makes these new versions drop-in replacements for the older products.

For more information on the new TR-6 Series products, click here.  

Function Old Design
Catalog Number
Old Design
Input Voltage
New Design
Catalog Number
New Design
Input Voltage
On Delay TR-60221 240V AC TR-6022U 24-240V AC & 12-125V DC
TR-60222 120V AC/DC
TR-60226 12V AC/DC
TR-60228 24V AC/ DC
Interval On TR-60521 240V AC TR-6052U 24-240V AC & 12-125V DC
TR-60522 120V AC/DC
TR-60526 12V AC/DC
TR-60528 24V AC/ DC
Watchdog TR-61321 240V AC TR-6132U 24-240V AC & 12-125V DC
TR-61322 120V AC/DC
TR-61326 12V AC/DC
TR-61328 24V AC/ DC
Single Shot TR-61521 240V AC TR-6152U 24-240V AC & 12-125V DC
TR-61522 120V AC/DC
TR-61526 12V AC/DC
TR-61528 24V AC/ DC
Off Delay TR-61621 240V AC TR-6162U 24-240V AC & 12-125V DC
TR-61622 120V AC/DC
TR-61626 12V AC/DC
TR-61628 24V AC/ DC
Watchdog (Power Trigger) TR-61821 240V AC TR-6182U 24-240V AC & 12-125V DC
TR-61822 120V AC/DC
TR-61826 12V AC/DC
TR-61828 24V AC/ DC
Off Delay (Power Trigger) TR-61921 240V AC TR-6192U 24-240V AC & 12-125V DC
TR-61922 120V AC/DC
TR-61926 12V AC/DC
TR-61928 24V AC/ DC
Repeat Cycle (Off 1st) TR-63121 240V AC TR-6312U 24-240V AC & 12-125V DC
TR-63122 120V AC/DC
TR-63126 12V AC/DC
TR-63128 24V AC/ DC
Repeat Cycle (On 1st) TR-65121 240V AC TR-6512U 24-240V AC & 12-125V DC
TR-65122 120V AC/DC
TR-65126 12V AC/DC
TR-65128 24V AC/ DC
Delayed Interval TR-66121 240V AC TR-6612U 24-240V AC & 12-125V DC
TR-66122 120V AC/DC
TR-66126 12V AC/DC
TR-66128 24V AC/ DC
Triggered Delayed Interval TR-66521 240V AC TR-6652U 24-240V AC & 12-125V DC
TR-66522 120V AC/DC
TR-66526 12V AC/DC
TR-66528 24V AC/ DC

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