Using a Triplexor with One Switch to Cycle 3 Loads

Thursday: October 19, 2017 : Alternating Relays


How can I use one Switch to Cycle 3 loads ON & OFF in sequence? 


It is possible to use a Macromatic Triplexor Alternating Relay to use one switch to cycle or sequence 3 loads—turn Load 1 ON & OFF, then Load 2 and Load 3 before starting the cycle again.  Follow these directions and reference the connection diagram (drawing shown is for 8 pin Triplexor):

If the Macromatic ATP Series triplexor alternating relay has the 8-position rotary switch on top of the unit, set the switch to “T – Triplex”

Constant input voltage must be connected to pins 3 & 6 (8 pin) or pins 1 & 2 (12 pin) at all times.  NOTE: power for outputs is supplied from L connection, not through switch (see drawing below).

Connect the single switch between pin 3 (L) and pin 1 (8 pin) as shown in the diagram below or pin 2 (L) and pin 4 (12 pin):

macromatic, triplexor, 3 load, How can I use one Switch to Cycle 3 loads ON & OFF in sequence


Input voltage must be applied at all times.  The switch is open and all loads are off. When the switch closes, it energizes Load 1.  As long as the switch remains closed, Load 1 remains energized.  When the switch is opened, Load 1 turns off.  The next time the switch closes, it energizes Load 2.  When the switch opens, Load 2 turns off.  The next time the switch closes, it energizes Load 3.  When the switch opens, Load 3 turns off.  The entire cycle is repeated in the sequence 1-2-3.  Whenever the input voltage is applied for the first time, Load 1 will always be the first output energized when the switch closes.

Please note that this will turn each Load ON & OFF, one at a time, in sequence.  If you require more than one load on at a time, you must use multiple switches (i.e., LEAD, LAG, LAG2) with the ATP Series Triplexor Alternating Relay.

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