Macromatic's Voltage Monitor Relays Design Enhancements

Monday: October 5, 2015 : Voltage Monitor Relays

In 2015, Macromatic made several design enhancements to our line of Voltage Monitor Relays.  Here is an explanation of these changes to aid in the transition:

12-120V Products

Obsolete  New


The following are the differences between the new line vs. the obsolete design:

  • Macromatic no longer offers a 24V AC version in any Series
  • Macromatic obsoleted the following Series and recommends a replacement Series if you were using one of the obsoleted ones:
Obsolete Series Suggested Replacements Differences
VMKP VAKP The obsolete VMKP Series had a fixed time delay on drop-out of 0.5 seconds; the VAKP has an adjustable time delay on drop-out of 0.1-10 seconds
VAP VAKP The obsolete VAP Series had the drop-out voltage trip setting fixed at 95% of the pick-up setting;  the VAKP has an adjustable drop-out voltage trip setting of 75-95% of the pick-up setting
VWP VWKP The obsolete VWP Series had a fixed time delay on drop-out of 0.5 seconds; the VWKP has an adjustable time delay on drop-out of 0.1-10 seconds
  • The pick-up voltage setting knob (VMP & VAKP Series) and over voltage setting knob (VWKP Series) are now marked with the actual full voltage range vs. a MIN-MAX percentage value
  • Improved LED status indication
  • True RMS Sensing

There were no changes to the following:

  • Pin configuration
  • Dimensions
  • Type & size of knobs


240-480V Products

The VAKPU Over/Under Voltage Relay has been obsoleted and has been replaced with the VAKP240A product.  The VWKPU Voltage Band Relay has been obsoleted and replaced with the VWKP240A product.  Below is a comparison between the obsolete VAKPU and the new VAKP240A (most comments also apply to the new VWKP240A unit):

In addition, Macromatic is now offering a 480V single-phase voltage monitor relay. Both the new 240V & 480V versions utilize True RMS Sensing for improved reliability.

For more information on the products, click here.  Or contact Macromatic technical support at 800-238-7474 or



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