PBDU Series


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Description Of Function

PBDU Series Relays protect against phase loss, phase reversal and phase unbalance (adjustable from 5% to 25%). LED status indication: Green LED ON indicates Power ON. Yellow LED ON indicates relay status is energized.

Function Chart


Product Overview

  • Protects against phase loss, phase reversal and phase unbalance
  • Phase unbalance is adjustable from 5% to 25%, and can be disabled altogether if desired 
  • LED status indication on front face for easy troubleshooting
  • Universal voltage range of 208 - 480V AC
Enclosure Style

Mounts on 35mm DIN-rail 

Configuration / Contact Rating
  • SPDT
  • 5A @  250V AC
Application Information
  • Load (Burden): 10VA (1W) @ 400V / 50Hz; 16VA (1.5W) @ 480V 60Hz
  • Minimum/Maximum Voltage: 187V AC - 528V AC
  • Output Contacts: SPDT 5A @ 250V AC
  • Life: Mechanical - 20,000,000 operations; Electrical - 200,000 operations at 1000 VA resistive load
  • Temperature: Operating, -25° to 55° C; Storage, -25° to 75° C
UL #: E236146


Phase Loss: Unit trips on loss of any Phase L1, L2 or L3, regardless of any regenerative voltages.

Phase Reversal (Out-of-Sequence): Unit trips if sequence (rotation) of the three phases is anything other than L1-L2-L3. It will not work on L3-L2-L1.

Phase Unbalance: Adjustable from 5 - 25% unbalance or can be disabled. Unit trips when any one of the three lines deviates from the average of all three lines by more than the adjusted set point for a period longer than the adjustable trip delay.

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