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This process will assist you in selecting the correct product for your application. Just answer the following questions and we will lead you to the product best suited for your needs. Should you require additional assistance, contact Macromatic Technical Support at 800-238-7474.

What type of Mounting Configuration?

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  • Plug-in: used with 8 or 11 pin octal sockets. Allows for easy replacement without having to remove any control wiring. Macromatic sockets can either be mounted on 35mm DIN track or to the panel with two screws. All Macromatic plug-in time delay relays are UL Component Recognized (UR) & most are UL Listed when used with the appropriate Macromatic socket.
  • Encapsulated: typically selected when low-cost and/or compact size is preferred. Also used when solid state output is required for high-duty cycle applications. All products are encapsulated for protection against harsh environments. All Macromatic encapsulated time delay relays are UL Component Recognized (UR).
  • 1/16 DIN: normally selected when the application calls for accessibility of the display and/or switches without opening the panel door. The product is mounted in the door and uses back-mounted sockets for wiring. However, they can also be base or track-mounted using a standard octal socket. All Macromatic 1/16 DIN time delay relays are UL Listed.
  • 17.5mm Modular: narrow compact design is ideal for saving space in control panels. These products are designed for easy snap-on mounting to 35mm DIN track. All Macromatic 17.5mm time delay relays are cULus Listed.

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Plug-in Encapsulated 1/16 DIN 17.5mm Modular

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