Use Socket: 70169-D

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  • 460-600V AC
  • 10A SPDT
Description Of Function

When the proper 3-phase line voltage is applied to the unit and the phase sequence (rotation) is correct, the relay is energized. An out-of-sequence condition will prevent the relay from energizing on start-up or trip the relay if it occurs when it is energized. Re-energization is automatic upon correction of the fault condition. A bi-color status LED indicates both a normal condition with the proper phase sequence (solid GREEN) or a fault condition with the phases out of sequence (solid RED).

Application Information
  • Load (Burden): Less than 40 VA
  • Response Times:
    Power Up/Restart After Fault: Fixed at 1 Seconds
    Drop-out Due to:

    100ms Fixed
  • Minimum/Maximum Voltage: 156-550V (PCPU); 345-660V (PCP575), all 50/60Hz. +5%
  • Reset: Automatic upon correction of fault.
  • Output Contacts: 10A @ 277V AC / 7A @ 30V DC;
    1HP @ 250V AC, 1/2HP @ 125V AC, C300 Pilot Duty
  • Life: Mechanical: 10,000,000 operations, Full Load: 100,000 operations
  • Temperature: -28o to 65o C (-18o to 149o F)
  • Approvals:

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Dimensions - Inches (Millimeters)
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