TCP Series

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Lead Time: 

7 Days

function configuration

Combination Single Channel Seal Leak and Over Temperature, Automatic Reset only

control voltage

120V AC


(2)7A SPDT

sensitivity range

1k – 250k Ohms

relay type

Seal Leakage and Over Temperature




Description of Function

Two wires are connected to a resistive-sensing probe & common in the seal cavity to monitor for seal leakage. Two additional wires are connected to a N.C. thermal switch in the windings of the pump motor to monitor for overheating. The product has isolated output contact relays, one for seal leak & one for temperature. The temperature set-point will be fixed at 5K ohms. Two adjustable seal leak sensitivity ranges are available: 4.7K-100K ohms and 1K-250K ohms. With input voltage applied, normal temperature condition (thermal switch closed) and no seal leak, the isolated temperature relay is energized and the isolated seal leak relay is de-energized. Both LED’s are Green. When the motor temperature rises and the N.C. thermal switch opens, the temperature relay is de-energized, opening a contact that had been closed and turning off the pump contactor. The TEMP LED turns Red. If the seal starts to leak, contaminating fluid enters the seal cavity. This lowers the resistance between the internal probe & the common connection. When the resistance drops below the user-adjustable sensitivity set-point of the relay, the seal leak relay energizes and closes a contact, which can be used to give an alarm indication of a leaking seal. The LEAK LED turns Red. These products will automatically reset when the fault condition clears.

Description of Function

Product Overview


Monitors Submersible Pumps for Over Temperature & Seal Leakage Auto Reset for Over Temperature Two Adjustable Sensitivity Ranges for Seal Leakage Low-Profile Adjustment Knob Full status indication on top of unit for easy troubleshooting

Enclosure Style:

Plug-in case utilizing industry-standard 11 pin octal sockets
Configuration / Contact Rating:
(2) SPDT / 7A @ 240V AC/7A @ 28V DC
Application Information:
Voltage Tolerance: AC Operation: +10/-15% of nominal at 50/60 Hz. Load (Burden): 3 VA Indicator LEDs: Seal Leak: Green ON with input voltage applied and no seal leak; Red ON when seal leak detected and relay energized Temperature: Green ON with input voltage applied, normal temperature condition and relay energized; Red ON when over temperature detected and relay de-energized Probe Voltage: 5V DC Pulsed Response Time: Pick-up & Drop-out: 1 Second Output Contacts: 7A @ 240V AC/7A @ 28V DC, 1/4HP @ 120V AC (N.O.) Life: Mechanical: 10,000,000 operations; Full Load: 100,000 operations Temperature: -28° to 65° C (-18° to 149° F)
UL #: E109466

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