Use Socket: 70169-D

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  • 1 - 1,023 SEC.
  • 120V AC/DC
  • 10A DPDT
Product Substitution

The following product stocked at a distributor can be substituted for the TD-85122-41:


The TD-851 unit is a single function product with one ON & one OFF time range; the TD-881 product is multiple function (which includes the function of the TD-851 unit) & has programmable time range of 0.1 seconds - 31 hours) ; Please note that the TD-881 requires an 11 PIN socket vs an 8 PIN socket for TD-851.

Description Of Function Upon application of input voltage, the output is energized and the time delay (t1) begins. At the end of the time delay (t1), the output is de-energized and remains in that condition for the time delay (t2). At the end of this time delay, the output is energized and the sequence repeats until input voltage is removed.
Function Chart
Application Information
  • Voltage Tolerance: AC Operation: +10/-15% of nominal at 50/60 Hz.; DC Operation: +10/-15% of nominal.
  • Load (Burden): 2 VA
  • Setting Accuracy: +1% of set time or +50ms, whichever is greater.
  • Repeat Accuracy (Constant Voltage & Temperature): +0.1% of set time or +0.02 seconds, whichever is greater.
  • Reset Time: 0.1 Seconds
  • Output Contacts: 10A @ 240V AC/30V DC, 1/2HP @ 120/240V AC (N.O.),1/3HP @ 120/240V AC (N.C.), B300 & R300
  • Life: Mechanical: 10,000,000 operations; Full Load: 100,000 operations
  • Temperature: -28o to 65o C (-18o to 149o F)
  • Approvals:

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Dimensions - Inches (Millimeters)
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  • McMaster Distributor Part #: 7096K24 Info/Buy

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