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Description of Function

Upon application of input voltage, the time delay relay is ready to accept a trigger. When the trigger is applied, the time delay (t1) begins. At the end of the time delay (t1), the output is energized and remains in that condition for the time delay (t2). At the end of the time delay (t2), the output is de-energized & the relay is ready to accept another trigger. During both time delay (t1) & time delay (t2), the trigger is ignored.

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Product Overview


Universal control voltage: 24-240V AC & 12-240V AC. Each product has one of 15 unique timing functions and 17 user-adjustable time ranges covering 0.05 seconds up to 100 hours. LED’s indicate power applied, output relay status and timing mode. Slim 17.5mm design for compact DIN-Rail mounting.

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Configuration / Contact Rating:
10A @ 250V AC / 8A @ 30 V DC SPDT/DPDT
Application Information:
Voltage Tolerance: Control Voltage: 12-240V AC, 12-240V DC, AC Operation +10/-15% of nominal at 50/60 Hz, DC Operation -10/15% of nominal. Load (Burden): Maximum of 4 VA. Setting Accuracy: Maximum Setting (adjustabke): +5%-0%, Fixed Time Delay: ±2% or 50ms, whichever is greater. Repeat Accuracy; Constant voltage and temperature ±0.1% or ±5% or ±0.1 seconds, whichever is greater. Reset Time: Triggered with input voltage: 0.1 seconds, triggered with control switch 0.04 seconds. Start-up time: time from when power is applied until unit is timing: 0.05 seconds. Maintain Function Time: time unit continues to operate after power is removed: 0.01 seconds. Interruptions longer than this time may reset the timing cycle. Minimum required trigger switch closure: 0.05 seconds, Temperature: operating -28° to 65°C (-18° to 149° F), Storage: -40° to 85° C (-49° to 185° F). Output Contact Ratings: 10A @ 250V AC / 8A @ 30V DC SPDT/DPDT. Life: Mechanical: 10,000,000 perations; Full load: 100,000 operations, mounting: 35MM DIN Rail required, panel mounting with screw not supported. Wiring: Flat blade (slotted) screw terminals, wire size: 12-22AWG maximum tightening torque: 4in-lb.Recommend 1/8″ (3 mm) screw drivers.


Installation and Wiring: Mount the TE5 Series product on 35mm DIN Rial. Hook the fixed (upper) DIN clip over the top edge of the DIN rail and rotate the product downward applying pressure to snap the lower DIN clip over the rail edge, securing the product to the rail. Connect wiring to the product according to the wiring diagram on the side of the product or per the proper wiring diagram below. Use 14-22AWG solid or stranded copper wire with a terminal tightening torque of 4 in-lbs. For use of a single TE5 series product, the unit may operate at the maximum specified parameters. For the use of more than one TE5 series products next to each other, follow the installation considerations below for spacing with respect to ambient temperature and load amount. Setting the Time Delay(s): Adjustable time TE5 Series products have one or two blue dials on the front face. Rotate each dial’s pointer to the desired time setting. A 1/8”(3mm) flat-blade(slotted) or phillips screwdriver is recommended for this. The time range is printed on the side nameplate for reference. Please note that the dial markings are for reference only and may not be exact. Fixed time delays do not have a dial, the time settings are permanently set at the factory and cannot be changed. Operation of Time Delay Function For detailed information on how each time delay relay function operates, including both written and visual descriptions, and the relationship between Control Voltage, Trigger (if present) and Output, please see www.macromatic.com/functions. Installation Considerations: When installing TE5 series products immediately next to other DIN rail devices with no spacing between devices, thermal energy from the surrounding devices should be considered. Heat from nearby devices can increase the surrounding air temperature significantly. If the installation environment temperature is already high and/or the contact current is significant, derating or spacing may be needed to ensure reliable operation. Although each installation is unique, manufacturer recommendations and derating tables are provided below for guidance.

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