Use Socket: 70169-D

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  • Adjustable Time Delay of 0.1-10 Seconds on Drop-out
  • 480VAC
  • 10A SPDT
Description Of Function The relay energizes (and the LED is Red) when the monitored voltage is between the over and under voltage settings. The relay de-energizes (and the LED is Green) when the monitored voltage falls outside the over or under voltage settings for a period longer than the drop-out time delay (t), which is adjustable between 0.1-10 seconds. The relay re-energizes when the monitored voltage returns to a value between the over and under voltage settings for a period longer than the fixed pick-up time delay of 0.5 seconds.
Function Chart
Application Information
  • Voltage Tolerance: +50%/-50% of nominal AC voltage (50-60Hz, +5%) or DC voltage; No separate input voltage is required since unit is powered by monitored voltage.
  • Load (Burden): Less than 2 VA (12-120V); 30VA (240V & 480V)
  • Voltage Settings:
    Over Voltage (Umax): Adjustable across full range as shown on the product nameplate
    Under Voltage (Umin): Adjustable from 75-95% of the Over Voltage setting
  • Response Times: Pick-up: 500 ms; Drop-out (t): Adjustable 0.1-10 Seconds
  • Indicator LED: Red when Relay is energized; Green when Relay is Off
  • Output Contacts: 10A @ 240V AC, 7A @ 30V DC, 1/4HP @ 120/240V AC, C300
  • Life: Mechanical: 10,000,000 operations; Full Load: 100,000 operations
  • Temperature: -28o to 65o C (-18o to 149o F)
  • Approvals:

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Dimensions - Inches (Millimeters)
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