Liquid Level Control Relays

Liquid Level Control Relays

LCP Series Liquid Level Control Relays regulate levels of conductive liquids in pump up (fill) or pump down (drain) applications. The output of the relay controls pumps, solenoids, or valves to lower, raise or maintain the liquid level in the tank. Typical liquids include tap water, seawater, sewage, irrigation, chemical and pharmaceutical solutions, beer, coffee, and ice cream.

Precisely Raise, Lower or Maintain Conductive Fluid Levels

The probe is pulsed with DC voltage to prevent potential electroplating. An LED indicates energization status. Choose from two adjustable sensitivity ranges based on fluid. Mounting requires an industry standard 8 pin octal socket. Choose from Single Probe or Dual Probe configurations.

Single Probe

On single probe models a fixed time delay prevents rapid cycling of the output relay and its load. Ten factory settings ranging from 1 to 60 seconds.

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Dual Probe

Dual probe models are available with specific pin configurations to match competitive devices.

Frequently Asked Questions About Liquid Level Control Relays