TD-8 Series


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Description Of Function

TD-881 products have 16 functions built-in:

Single Mode Dual Mode
On Delay Repeat Cycle (OFF 1st)
Interval On Repeat Cycle (ON 1st)
Flasher (OFF 1st) Delayed Interval
Flasher (ON 1st) Triggered Delayed Interval
Off Delay On Delay/Off Delay
Single Shot Single Shot/Flasher
Watchdog On Delay/Flasher
Single Shot (Trailing Edge)  
Triggered On Delay  

Programming is accomplished through the use of two 10-position DIP-switches. See TD-881 Series DIP Switch Programming.

Function Chart

Product Overview

  • Available as either a multifunction version with 16 functions built-in or as individual function versions
  • DIP-Switches for accurate digital set of time delay (multi- & single-function) & selection of function (for multi-function only)
  • Programmable delay of 50ms - 10,230 hours (multi-function) or 100ms - 1,023 hours (single-function)
  • LED indicates relay status
  • Pilot Duty Rating
Enclosure Style

Plug-in case utilizing industry-standard 8 & 11 pin octal sockets

Configuration / Contact Rating
  • DPDT (SPDT version also available on TD-881 multi-function Series)
  • 10A @ 240V AC/30V DC, 1/2HP @ 120/240V AC (N.O.),1/3HP @ 120/240V AC (N.C.), B300 & R300
Application Information
  • Voltage Tolerance: AC Operation: +10/-15% of nominal at 50/60 Hz.; DC Operation: +10/-15% of nominal.
  • Load (Burden): 2 VA
  • Setting Accuracy: +1% of set time or +50ms, whichever is greater.
  • Repeat Accuracy (Constant Voltage & Temperature): +0.1% of set time or +0.02 seconds, whichever is greater.
  • Reset Time: 0.1 Seconds
  • Output Contacts: 10A @ 240V AC/30V DC, 1/2HP @ 120/240V AC (N.O.),1/3HP @ 120/240V AC (N.C.), B300 & R300
  • Life: Mechanical: 10,000,000 operations; Full Load: 100,000 operations
  • Temperature: -28° to 65° C (-18° to 149° F)


The TD-8 series of time delay relays offer an easy and accurate way to select any time delay between 50ms & 10,230 hours (100ms & 1,023 hours on single-function units). Programming is accomplished through the use of 10-position DIP-switches. This method provides a greater setting accuracy than is found on other units with an analog potentiometer. An LED indicates relay status.

The TD-8 series comes in two versions: a multi-function product with 16 functions built-in or a single function product.

TD-881 Series DIP Switch Programming

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  • Function: Overcurrent AC/DC
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  • Monitored Voltage: 190-600V AC
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