THR-1 Series (F31 Dual)


Lead Time: 10 Days

$92.77 (USD) / EACH

Description Of Function

Upon application of input voltage, the time delay (t1) begins. At the end of the time delay (t1), the output is energized and remains in that condition for the time delay (t2). At the end of this time delay, the output is de-energized and the sequence repeats until input voltage is removed.

Function Chart

Product Overview

  • Cost effective design & compact 2" x 2" enclosure are ideal for industrial applications
  • Microprocessor-based design for reliable performance & maximum flexibility
  • Encapsulated for protection against harsh environments
  • 10A SPDT relay output contacts can handle most pilot duty & fractional hp loads
  • Input voltages of 12VDC, 24VAC/DC, 120VAC/DC & 240VAC
  • Onboard & remote adjustable or fixed time delays from 0.05 seconds to 100 hours
Enclosure Style

Encapsulated 2" x 2" enclosure with single screw mounting

Configuration / Contact Rating
  • SPDT
  • 10A @ 240VAC / 7A @ 28VDC, 1/4hp @ 120VAC (N.O.)
Application Information
  • Voltage Tolerance: AC Operation: +10/-15% of nominal at 50/60 Hz; DC Operation: +10/-15% of nominal.
  • Load (Burden): Maximum of 2 VA for all voltages
  • Setting Accuracy: Maximum Setting (Adjustable): +5%, -0%; Minimum Setting (Adjustable): +0%, -50%; Fixed Time Delay: +2% or 50ms, whichever is greater
  • Repeat Accuracy (Constant Voltage & Temperature): +0.1% or + 0.04 seconds, whichever is greater
  • Reset Time: 100ms
  • Output Contacts: 10A @ 240VAC / 7A @ 28VDC, 1/4hp @ 120VAC (N.O.)
  • Life: Mechanical: 10,000,000 operations; Full Load: 100,000 operations
  • Temperature: -28° to 65°C (-18° to 149°F)
UL #: E109466


The cost effective design and compact size of the THR Series make them the ideal choice for many industrial applications. They utilize a microprocessor-based design for reliable performance & maximum flexibility. A 10A SPDT relay output can handle most pilot duty & fractional horsepower loads. All products are encapsulated for protection against harsh environments. Choose between adjustable or fixed time delays, either onboard or remote.

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  • Function: Undercurrent only
  • Control Voltage: 24V AC/DC
  • Output: 10A SPDT
  • Trip Delay: 0.5-50 seconds
  • Enclosure Style: Encapsulated
  • Current Range: 5 - 50A
  • Sensing Delay On Power: 5 seconds
  • Communication Platform: None
  • Monitored Voltage: 102-138V AC
  • Output: 10A SPDT
  • Protection: Phase Loss, Phase Reversal, Voltage Unbalance, Undervoltage & Overvoltage
  • Standard Modifications: None
  • Enclosure Style: Plug-in
  • Control Voltage: 120V AC
  • Output: 4 Form C Contacts
  • Options: Standard (LED and Push-to-Test Included)
  • Terminal Configuration: Blade