THR-3 Series


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Description Of Function

THR-3836U products have 4 functions & 4 time ranges built-in:

Flasher (OFF)
Flasher (ON)
Single Shot Falling Edge


Time Ranges


Programming is accomplished through the use of one 6-position DIP-switch.


Function Chart

Product Overview

  • Three Catalog Numbers Offer All These Features:
    • Multi-Function: 4 common time delay functions in each one
    • Universal Voltage: 24-240VAC & 12-125VDC
    • Time Ranges: 0.1 Sec to 100 Minutes (1,000 Minutes on Dual Time product)
    • Onboard & remote adjust of time delay (remote adjust not offered on THR-3856U)
    • THR-3856U allows different ON & OFF times
  • Cost effective design & compact 2" x 2" enclosure
  • Encapsulated for protection against harsh environments
  • 10A SPDT relay output contacts can handle most pilot duty & fractional HP loads
Enclosure Style

Encapsulated 2" x 2" enclosure with single screw mounting

Configuration / Contact Rating
  • SPDT
  • 10A @ 240VAC / 7A @ 28VDC, 1/4hp @ 120VAC (N.O.)
Application Information
  • Voltage Tolerance: AC Operation: +10/-15% of nominal at 50/60 Hz; DC Operation: +10/-15% of nominal.
  • Load (Burden): Maximum of 2 VA for all voltages
  • Setting Accuracy: Maximum Setting (Adjustable): +5%, -0%; Minimum Setting (Adjustable): +0%, -50%
  • Repeat Accuracy (Constant Voltage & Temperature): +0.1% or + 0.04 seconds, whichever is greater
  • Reset Time: Triggered with Input Voltage: 100ms; Triggered with Control Switch: 40ms
  • Output Contacts: 10A @ 240VAC / 7A @ 28VDC, 1/4hp @ 120VAC (N.O.)
  • Life: Mechanical: 10,000,000 operations; Full Load: 100,000 operations
  • Temperature: -28° to 65°C (-18° to 149°F)
UL #: E109466


The THR-3 Series products are designed to replace thousands of products from Macromatic and many other manufacturers with just three Catalog Numbers. Each comes with four functions & four timing ranges covering 0.1 second to 100 minutes (1,000 minutes on THR-3856U dual time unit). On the same unit, choose between onboard adjustable, onboard fixed & remote adjustable time delay setting (remote time delay not available on THR-3856U). All set up is done with DIP switches for ease of use. A universal input voltage of 24-240V AC & 12-125V DC adds to the ultimate flexibility of these products. All products are encapsulated for protection against harsh elements. A 10A SPDT relay output rating can handle most pilot duty & fractional HP loads.

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  • Function: Undercurrent only
  • Control Voltage: 24V AC/DC
  • Output: 10A SPDT
  • Trip Delay: 0.5-50 seconds
  • Enclosure Style: Encapsulated
  • Current Range: 5 - 50A
  • Sensing Delay On Power: 5 seconds
  • Communication Platform: None
  • Monitored Voltage: 102-138V AC
  • Output: 10A SPDT
  • Protection: Phase Loss, Phase Reversal, Voltage Unbalance, Undervoltage & Overvoltage
  • Standard Modifications: None
  • Enclosure Style: Plug-in
  • Control Voltage: 120V AC
  • Output: 4 Form C Contacts
  • Options: Standard (LED and Push-to-Test Included)
  • Terminal Configuration: Blade