Voltage Monitor Relays

Voltage Monitor Relays

Voltage sensing relays monitor either AC single phase (50-60Hz) or DC voltages to protect equipment against voltage fault conditions. No separate supply (input) voltage is required on any Macromatic voltage monitor relay since each unit is powered by monitored voltage. Versions are available in either a compact plug-in case utilizing an 8-pin octal socket or a 17.5mm DIN Rail mounted case.

Protect Equipment Against Premature Equipment Failure

Over/Under Voltage Relays protect equipment against either an over- or under-voltage condition. Select from fixed or adjustable time delay on drop-out. Voltage Band Relays protect equipment that is required to operate within an upper and lower voltage limit. The relay stays energized as long as the monitored voltage remains within the adjustable range.

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VMP Series and VAKP Series provide Over/Under voltage protection. VWKP Series provide Voltage Band protection. These relays use 8-pin octal sockets for mounting on 35 mm DIN-rail or to a panel.

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Narrow VWKE Series, with enclosures for mounting on 35 mm DIN-rail, provide Voltage Band protection. Their compact design is ideal for saving space in control panels.

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