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At the heart of every great company is a team of individuals that produces quality products and is committed to satisfying customers.

For over 40 years, the Macromatic team has been engineering and manufacturing industrial relays to control electrical processes and protect equipment.

These efficient, reliable controls are proudly designed and built in Wisconsin.

Macromatic’s relays provide a cost-effective way to manage electrically-controlled processes or offer protection to electrical equipment of all types.

Macromatic manufactures controls to provide input and logic to a process to ensure equipment works properly and does the job it was designed to do.

To prevent equipment damage, Macromatic also designs relays to offer peace of mind and provide assurance that a motor will stop running when there is an issue.

Macromatic understands that equipment downtime and motor repair is costly and frustrating.

That is why Macromatic provides solutions for almost any application in any industry. Macromatic’s products have been used in the HVACR, pump control, material handling, motor control, generator, and lift and elevator industries.

As an independently-owned manufacturer, Macromatic takes pride in its short lead-time, reliable products and 5 year warranty.

Macromatic understands that each application is unique.

Its exceptional support team is readily available to answer those urgent questions about how to select the right product and options about replacement products.

Macromatic’s engineers are continuously striving to integrate new technology into its relays to provide the most efficient and reliable product at the right price and on time.

Macromatic has the reputation of providing innovative, quality products to meet any application’s requirements.

Depend on Macromatic’s controls to protect, control and monitor vital equipment.

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