Relays Reduce Risk of Equipment Failure and Personal Injury

Equipment reliability and safety are critical in the elevator and lift industry. Relays and electronic controllers are part of complex systems that control speed, loads, position, and communication. Relays monitor and protect motors from failure due to current fluctuations and voltage faults. Many elevator manufacturers now provide remote monitoring of equipment, to proactively alert technicians and building owners of potential malfunctions.

Macromatic Relays Used For Elevators and Lifts:

  • Current Sensing Relays protect motors from over- or under-current conditions.
  • Three-Phase Monitor Relays protect equipment from premature failure due to voltage faults.
  • PMDs with Communication provide remote monitoring of operation for proactive maintenance.

Common Challenge

Industry standards ensure the safe design, operation and maintenance of elevators, escalators and other systems that move people. On hydraulic elevators, ASME standards recommend “a means to prevent overheating of the drive system (pump and motor) due to phase rotation reversals or failure.” Hydraulic elevators that use an underground hydraulic system are common on buildings of less than five floors.

  • ASME A17. 1 /CSA Safety Code is the accepted safety code throughout North America.
  • Section 3.26.5 of the guidelines recommends the use of three-phase monitors on all hydraulic elevators.
  • Many states and cities have made this a safety requirement for traction elevators as well.

Our Solution

To meet industry requirements, Macromatic offers a variety of solutions to monitor voltage in elevator and lift applications. Phase Monitor Relays prevent premature equipment failure. They are available in plug-in or DIN-Rail enclosure styles and protect against a combination of voltage faults.

The Macromatic PC1 Series protects and communicates via Modbus TCP. This industry-leading technology makes data available for continuous monitoring, real-time alerts, and intelligent maintenance of three-phase voltage systems. Read More.

Relay Solutions

Relays for Monitoring and Protection of Elevator and Lift Systems


Three-Phase Monitor Relays continuously monitor voltage faults to protect motors and other equipment from premature failure. These relays retain indication and monitoring even with phase loss.


Macromatic offers a wide variety of AC & DC current sensing relays (sometimes referred to as a current monitor relay). These relays are used in applications requiring protection of sensitive or expensive equipment against over – or – under current conditions.


Voltage sensing relays monitor either AC single phase (50-60Hz) or DC voltages to protect equipment against voltage fault conditions. No separate supply (input) voltage is required on any Macromatic voltage monitor relay since each unit is powered by monitored voltage.


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