Relays Enhance Operation for Optimized Crop Output

Irrigation equipment has advanced to using intelligent technology and controls.  Farmers using these systems are conserving precious water resources while achieving higher crop yields and reduced labor moving the systems.  Center Pivot solutions are commonly used to optimize water placement and watering duration while reducing labor.

Macromatic Time Delay and Percentage Timing Relays Allow Control Systems to:

  • Prevent equipment damage through coordinated and proper sequencing of segment movement.
  • Eliminate labor costs.
  • Optimize field irrigation allowing for higher yields.
  • Preserve natural resources.

Common Challenge

Historically, farmers would manually move irrigation lines segment by segment throughout a field.  This was labor intensive and dependent on the laborer timely moving the lines to prevent under- or over-watering of the field.  Center pivot systems allow for consistent movement of irrigation segments creating optimal watering which creates higher yields.  A concern for these systems is that available power systems are often unreliable and inconsistent.   Center pivots companies turned to Macromatic for:

  • Designing timers tolerant of voltage ranges
  • Designing a more reliable and affordable Percentage Timer
  • Durable and affordable timing relays for segment movement
  • Durable and reliable timing relays to prevent overwatering.

Our Solution

Macromatic relays provide reliable timing in a variety of enclosure types. In this application, Macromatic engineers worked alongside the customer’s engineers to design new Reset Timer relays while also customizing standard Time Delay Relays. These solutions were developed quickly resulting in the customer achieving their go to market timelines. With production at Macromatic’s facility in Wisconsin, U.S.A., meeting delivery requirements provides added benefits to customers.

Relay Solutions

The Leader in Standard and Custom Designed Time Delay Relays


Three-Phase Monitor Relays continuously monitor voltage faults to protect motors and other equipment from premature failure. These relays retain indication and monitoring even with phase loss.


Macromatic offers a wide variety of AC & DC current sensing relays (sometimes referred to as a current monitor relay). These relays are used in applications requiring protection of sensitive or expensive equipment against over – or – under current conditions.


Macromatic offers a wide variety of time delay relays (sometimes referred to as timing relays or timers). First choose the type of mounting configuration required for your application and then select from a variety of functions, time setting methods & output configurations.


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