600V-Rated Sockets for Use with Phase Monitor Relays

Three-Phase Monitor Relays


What 8 pin socket do I use with any of your plug-in Phase Monitor Relays on applications greater than 300V? According to the specifications I have seen in many catalogs, 8 pin sockets are normally only rated 300V and my system voltage is 480V.


Many 8 pin octal sockets are only rated 300V. While this is sufficient for most plug-in products in many applications, any plug-in three-phase monitor relay used on 380-575V systems must have a 600V-rated socket.

Macromatic 70169-D 8-pin socket rated for 600V
70169-D 8-pin socket

Our standard 8 pin octal socket, Catalog Number 70169-D, has had a 600V rating since June of 2003. It is UL Component Recognized and CSA Approved, and carries the CE Mark. In addition, when used with any UL Component Recognized Macromatic plug-in phase monitor, the combination of the two is UL Listed. Therefore, it is the perfect accessory to use with any plug-in phase monitor relays on any system voltage up to 600V