Application: Bypass Timer

Time Delay Relays

Macromatic THS-1054A Series

The THS-1054A series offers accurate and reliable operation as a Low Pressure Switch Bypass or “Bypass Timer”. The time delay relay operates over a wide temperature range making it a good choice for winterstart applications having low ambient startup temperatures. The THS-1054A series relays can be powered with control voltages from 24V AC to 240V AC and anything in between. Knob adjustable time delay versions are available with time ranges from 0.01 seconds – 1,000 minutes or convenient factory-set fixed time delays.

When input voltage is applied, the load is energized and timing begins regardless of the state of the pressure switch. Once the timing delay is complete, the pressure switch will control the load. The time delay relay is reset by removing input voltage.

Circular diagram with connecting lines