Control Switch Jumped on TD-7 Digital-Set Time Delay Relay

Time Delay Relays


What happens if I put a jumper across the control switch terminals (Pins 5 & 6) on the TD-7 Digital-Set time delay relay, but I have the function set to On Delay, which doesn’t need a Control Switch to initiate it? Will the unit operate satisfactorily?


No control switch is required when the unit is set to On Delay, Interval On, Flasher (OFF 1st) or Flasher (ON 1st). However, if for any reason Pins 5 & 6 have been jumpered before Input Voltage is applied when set to one of these functions, the unit will operate without any problems. The software program is written to ignore Pins 5 & 6 when either of these four functions are selected using the first pushbutton-thumbwheel.

Of course, when in the Off Delay, Single Shot, Watchdog, Triggered On Delay, On/Off Delay or Single Shot (Falling Edge) mode, a dry contact control switch must be connected to Pins 5 & 6 to initiate the function. If the trigger across Pins 5 & 6 is closed when Input Voltage is applied, the unit will recognize the closed trigger and operate normally.