How do I set the THL-8 Series Time Delay Relay?

Time Delay Relays


How do I set the THL-8 Series Time Delay Relay?


All THL-8 Series products come with a specific single time delay range as indicated on the nameplate and by the two-digit code at the end of the Product Number.  Setting the time delay is accomplished through the use of a 10-position DIP-switch.  Each position on the DIP-switch is marked with a time increment. The required delay (t) is selected by moving the switch of each increment to the ON position and adding their corresponding values. See examples shown.

If the unit does not operate properly, check that all connections are correct per the connection diagram on the product. One or more of the DIP switches must be set to the ON position to achieve a time delay with this unit. Ensure solid state switching devices controlling this unit do not create off-state leakage current. Do not connect voltage directly across terminals 1 and 3, a load is required.

Timing Range Table: Macromatic THL-8 Series Time Delay
Binary Switch Operation: Macromatic THL-8 Series Time Delay Relay