Macromatic Three-Phase Monitor Relays protect equipment from voltage faults

Three-Phase Monitor Relays

Macromatic Plug-In Three-Phase Monitor Relays provide protection for motors against premature failure caused by voltage faults. This family of relays delivers significant enhancements and exclusive features to protect against voltage drops and surges, as well as phase loss and reversal in three-phase systems. These relays retain fault indication and continue to monitor all voltages even with a lost phase.


Macromatic designed the Three-Phase Monitor Relays to offer unique functionality with a variety of options depending upon the level of protection needed:

  • Universal voltage range of 190-500V-greater range that covers more global applications
  • Retains fault indication and continues monitoring all voltages even with a lost phase
  • Best-in-class phase loss protection
  • True RMS voltage measurement ensures accurate sensing across more applications
  • Full fault indication on top of unit for easy troubleshooting
  • Manual reset option works with external switch-to reset the relay from outside the enclosure
  • Expanded output contact ratings-control more applications with one unit


The phase monitor series has options for virtually every application requirement.

PMP & PMPU-FA8 Series protects against phase loss, phase reversal, undervoltage, overvoltage and phase unbalance conditions along with rapid cycling.

PAP Series protects against phase loss, phase reversal, and under voltage conditions.

PLP Series protects against phase loss and phase reversal.

PCP Series protects against phase reversal only.

Macromatic’s engineers continuously strive to create new relay designs to improve efficiency and reduce equipment downtime based on our customers’ suggestions.